Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cafe Rue Orleans

Cafe Rue Orleans
1150 N College
Fayetteville, AR

Food: I (out of 5)
Service: I
Setting: -I
Price: $$$
Coke or Pepsi: pepsi :-(
Worth Returning: Never

We headed to Fayetteville for a special Valentines lunch where we were greeted by a banner hanging over Dickson Street announcing that it was "Restaurant Week" but we were looking forward to trying Tapanazos a Spanish style tapas restaurant we had heard so much about. We parked and walked over to find that Tapanazos was closed and being remodeled for yet another bar, how original as there aren't near enough bars on Dickson.

Change of plans, there are plenty of restaurants on or around Dickson so we start walking, Bordino's closed for lunch, Theo's closed for lunch, Doe's closed for lunch, a new gourmet burger joint Uber Burger closed for lunch (how can a burger joint not be open for lunch on a Saturday?) Oh yeah, it is restaurant week so I have that going for me! You wonder why so many people have abandoned the Fayettveille dining scene in favor of Rogers/Bentonville area, hmmm let me think.....NOTHING IS OPEN!

So we head down N. College and see Cafe Rue Orleans which I had been anxious to try since we had lived in New Orleans for several years. We had stopped by one Sunday for lunch with the kids but were disappointed to find out that only the dinner menu was offered on Sunday's so we left (I was not going to pay $16 for a lunch the kids were not going to eat, BTW no kids menu). On this trip we witnessed a table of 6 take one look at the dinner menu and leave.

So when we last left Rue Orleans it was a Sunday and since today is Saturday we give it a shot (and nothing else is open)...Dinner menu only! Hello, it's lunch time can we get a lunch menu? W
e consider sharing an entree and appetizer but the chicken and sausage Gumbo ($6.50) was calling my name so I settle on a bowl and a house salad ($3.50). I warm up the old taste buds with a Nawlins favorite Abita Beer (Purple Haze) and take in the scenery (Cafe Rue Orleans is positioned in the parking lot of a Motel with a capital "M" and a scenic view of the Veterans Hospital. So if you have an hour left over to spend with your significant other I am sure you can score a room by the hour.)

Lunch has arrived and I settle into a bowl of chicken and sausage gumbo, unfortunately, there is no sausage and the gumbo has one thing in common with the beer... they were both lukewarm. The texture of the chicken indicates that it was cooked separately and added later which in unfortunate since a good gumbo is loaded with slow cooked falling off the bone chicken and usually sausage. I turn my attention to the salad which was served on a tea cup saucer and smothered in cheap Parmesan cheese which reminded me of eating a powdered doughnut that chokes you if you inhale while swallowing a bite.

My better half ordered the Bourbon Street Grilled Chicken $16.50 (I don't see any grill marks) and substituted the red beans and rice for the jambalaya (the plate was in dire need of something green, maybe a veggie for your $16 bucks?). The chicken was essentially a breast seasoned with a cajun spice and a butter based sauce. She was pleased with her dish and thought the red beans were very good.

Save your money and go to Popeyes if your in the mood for cajun. Thank goodness for Rick's Bakery which saved the day.
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  1. I'm with you, won't be going back. I lived in Shreveport, LA for a number of years before the military moved us elsewhere. The name of the restaurant drew me and I found I was jonesing for some crawfish etoufee so I ran in for a to go order. Whatever this was, it certainly wasn't etouffee. The crawfish was almost non-existent, it had a greasy, canned taste to it, was served on what I think was minute rice, and I paid enough to buy the ingredients to make a couple of gallons of my own. Too bad my health and finance won't allow for starting my own restaurant, I could blow these people completely out of the water!

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