Friday, March 12, 2010

Dink's BBQ

Dink’s Bar B Que
3404 Southeast Macy Road
Bentonville, AR 72712

Food: 2 Sporks (out of 5)
Service: 3 Sporks
Atmosphere: 3 Sporks
Price: 3 Sporks
Worth Returning: New
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Sweet Tea: Yes

The latest to enter the restaurant fray in Bentonville is Dink’s on Rainbow curve in the location previously occupied by Oseguera’s, The Plaza, and others. Dink’s comes to town from Bartlesville, OK where they started in 1982 and face pretty stiff BBQ competition with local favorites including Smokin’ Joes and Whole Hog. The local store is similar in layout to Whole Hog where orders are placed at the window, self service drinks and then find a seat to plop down and wait for your number to be called.

The menu includes your standard sandwiches and plates offering a choice of 1-3 meats plus 2 sides and bread. An interesting mix of sandwiches including “The Special” choice of meat on roll, “The Hurt Pig” pulled pork, slaw, and jalapenos, or “The Dink” chopped brisket topped with a hot link. We ordered a selection of menu items including the “Hurt Pig”, “Special” and the three meat combo plate (pulled pork, chopped brisket, ribs) with a side of slaw and beans (any BBQ joint worth their salt will have good beans and slaw).

As far as the combo plate goes the ribs were St. Louis style pork ribs with a good bit of meat and descent flavor. The pulled pork lacked any flavor from the smoker or rub (if one was used) and there was an obvious omission of bark or the outermost portion of the roast. The combo plate was served dry or without sauce so you could choose from either the Original Style, Carolina Style or Hot sauce on the table. The hot sauce was my favorite of the three.

After a quick deliberation we all agreed that when the BBQ bug bites we would consider Dink's after they work out the kinks (hopefully that new smoker just needs time to season itself). Give it a shot and let me know your thoughts!
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  1. Not sure about your review on this one. Me and my coworkers have visited twice and have left happy everytime. Fast, nice decor, above average food. Maybe you just had a bad experience? Happens to the best of em

  2. We agree with M Hensley. My wife, daughter and myself ate at Dink's and left happy and satisfied. My daughter took sandwiches back to her coworkers and one indicated she felt the sandwich was the best she has had in a very long time. Service was fast and friendly. Decor is a little plain, but all in all a great experience.

  3. Agree with the reviewer - the pulled pork (my standard for any BBQ place)was moist and tender but lacked any real smoke flavor and no bark. Service was great - very attenive. Atmosphere OK with music a little loud and not my preferred genre. I would give it a 3 out of five and will return.

  4. Had a great dinner there the other night. Enjoyed me some baby back ribs with okra and cole slaw. Service was great for fast casual. Would recommend to anyone and will be back.

  5. not impressed,wal-mart style potato salad, the baked beans had taste, just no flavor, the pulled pork was adequate for a hospital cafeteria and the sauces had as much in common with any 88 cent off the shelf bbq sauce as you could find. I've eaten bbq from here to Cal and this place ranks with the most unimpressive, a year or two and maybe they'll improve, if they're in business that long, the track record of restaurants in that location doesn't hold out much hope, even Smokin Joe's is better than this.

  6. I grew up in Bartlesville, Ok & ate at the original Dink's on a weekly basis. My fiance & I tried the new Dink's in Bentonville because I raved how great it was. She agreed & then we headed to our new home in Missouri. I wish they had one there. The food was as I expected...awesome. The pig dinner was the best & you all need to try out their stringed onions...out of this world!

  7. Ate lunch there today. Sausage was great and so
    was the brisket. The bag of fries was large and
    could not eat them all. Fries were cooked just how I like them. Now for the "but". I could not
    tell the spicy BBQ sauce from the regular. Both
    were pretty bland. I got the corn and it was a little mushy. I will go back and try some other
    sides. Worth the money.

  8. Horrible really. I've eaten at both locations and the Bartlesville one is slightly better. The meal is fairly bland. Face it...if you grew up in Bartlesville or some other place with NO BBQ competition and this was what you grew up on, then you might think it is great BBQ. When you have lived in BBQ regions or places with good BBQ competition then this place doesn't even stack up. I would be shocked if this place is open past the year 2012. I'm sure daddy is subsidizing it now, but he can't forever.

    Compare this place to say Y BBQ. It isn't even in the same stratosphere.

  9. Dink's is the BEST all-around BBQ place in NWA. Trust me, I've tried all of them. I'm not a homer on this one either--no relatives working for them, no investment other than a lot of time and $ spent on good BBQ. 2nd fav is Whole Hog, but for overall service and sides the scales have to tip to Dink's. We had run across this BBQ place in Bartlesville, OK years ago and have stopped there many times. They are famous in OK for their onion straws not to mention their brisket. Here in Ark. I've heard they sell more pork and chicken. We liked them enough to use them to cater our daughter's wedding. Served 150 people without a problem and everyone raved about the delicious food.