Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Palm Noodle Bar

200 S Bloomington
Lowell, AR 72745
(479) 770-0011

Food: 4 Sporks (out of 5)
Service: 3.5 Sporks
Atmosphere: 2.5 Sporks
Price: 2 Sporks
Worth Returning: Yes        
Beer / Wine: No
Coke/Pepsi: Coke
Patio: No

Not too thrilled with the local Chinese Buffet, make your way to Lowell for the Palm Noodle Bar. Actually, there is no bar but there are homemade noodles and a great selection of Chinese entrees. It is hard to pin down the exact origin of the dishes at the Palm as they feature curries, ramen, Thai style dishes, and Malaysian dishes. All I know is that it was terrific and I look forward to returning for more noodles!
Place your order at the front and find a seat in the spacious and immaculately clean dining room. If you are like me, you will eyeball all of the dishes emerging from the kitchen second guessing your order as each dish is paraded before your table. Today there was no second guessing as I had been craving a good noodle soup so the Tonkotsu Ramen was in order. Tonkotsu broth is a slow simmered broth using chicken and/or pork bones simmered over a long period to release the bits of marrow, which produces a velvety smooth and rich broth. Bok choy, soft cooked egg, scallions, and tender slices of roast pork compliment the ramen. The final touch applied to your taste at the table often includes spicy chili paste or Sriracha sauce. 
The noodles are made in house at the Palm, which is not a common practice in NWA and are the centerpiece of many of the dishes here. Palm has daily specials with mostly Chinese oriented dishes for around $7 and includes a spring roll and drink. The most expensive dish on the menu is $8.99 so eating here will not break the bank.
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