Monday, September 10, 2012

William’s Soul Food

Relocated to:
3404 SE Macy Road
Suite 20
Bentonville, AR. 72712

918 South 8th St
Rogers, AR. 72756

306 N. Bloomington St.
Lowell , AR 72745
(479) 372-4835

Food: 4.5 Sporks (out of 5)
Service: 4 Sporks
Atmosphere: 3.0 Sporks
Price: 3 Sporks
Worth Returning: Hell Yes
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Sweet Tea: Yes
Patio: No
Beer and Wine: No

Update:  Williams Soul Food has finally moved closer to civilization. Now located on Rainbow curve behind Dinks BBQ (terrible Q !!!)  My new favorite dish is not on the menu but its a must try, ask for the Fried Chicken "Toya Style" you wont regret it, your fried chicken is dunked in a sweet & hot buffalo style sauce and sprinkled with Lemon pepper! SO GOOD, not in the mood for chicken go for the meatloaf on Tuesdays. A friend once proclaimed it the best he had ever tried (I believe his exact words were "Mary Mother of God, that's the best meatloaf ever!) 

Reviewed by my friend "Buffet Buster".

Grab a Spoon and a Bowl, Lowell’s Got Soul!

Last Friday I was leaving the office for lunch to hit the gym to do a little “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”. When you are a “Buffet Buster”, one has to do anything to keep from being the size of a Fiat 500. Anyway, a sweet sound hit my ears that I haven’t heard since I lived in Houston, “Dude, let’s go get some soul food.” After the split second it took to decide whether to spend 30 minutes on a treadmill or experience smothered pork chops and butter beans, I was in. My friend explained to me that he had discovered this spot one day while driving through Lowell Arkansas just north or Hwy. 264 on 71 Business. You have to be careful not to pass the place, it is pretty small, 8 or 10 tables, tucked in the parking lot of Torres Bus Tours. Williams Soul Food Express is worth the hunt.

Growing up in Southeast Texas just minutes from the Louisiana border, I have had my fair share of Creole and Soul Food in my epicurean adventures. This place is the real deal. The second you hit the door you can smell the rue burnin’. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it a blend of oil and flour in equal parts essentially burned to perfection for gumbos, gravies, stews and sauces. To me it’s a thrust back in time to my grand dad’s kitchen for a big pot of chicken gumbo, heaven. The first sign we knew we were in for a treat was the fact that we saw a table full of policemen and another full of truckers the moment we entered, oh yeah. Also the special of the day, and everyday, includes Pan Fried Chicken. The menus are brief and printed on plain white paper, tucked in a table tent.

The menu includes a list of the daily specials, sides, wings, burgers, and catfish.That day, one in our group ordered chicken wings, regular and lemon pepper. The other two fellows ordered catfish. I could not pass on Friday’s special, Smothered Chicken. The special comes with 2 sides, cabbage was a given. I was torn on whether to get the lima beans or the purple hull peas. I let the kitchen surprise me. Purple Hull Peas it was and man they were both great. The Smothered Chicken fell off of the bone and was bathed in a heavy brown sauce. I chose the cornbread muffin for the bread choice. I was the perfect complement to sop up the salty brown goodness that was left on the plate after I scarffed down the chicken breast, drumstick, cabbage and purple hull peas.

My friends were very complimentary of the Catfish Plates. Complete with fries and hush puppies. I figured it was real good since neither of them offered any samples. But my friend that ordered the wings offered me one of his chicken wings in the house sauce. I was of course expecting a bold traditional Buffalo Sauce you might expect at any other wing shop. This was a very different experience. I’m no chef, but I think it is a mix of a buffalo sauce with a touch of honey. MY GOSH, it was really really good. I spoke to the chef as I was cashing out. It seems that this place is a family run establishment with Mon at the register, sister at the tables, and son over the stove. I think everyone pitches in in the kitchen. Being a true family business this place needs your love. It is worth the visit and the food and the family are great.

Overall I give this place 4 of 5 sporks, because it is a place I will keep in my regular rotation of lunch choices. And the food reminds me of home. It may not remind you of your home but, you should truly check this place out.

Y’all enjoy. Williams Soul Food on Urbanspoon


  1. I've been wanting to go there!! Time for the NWA Food Writers to meet up there.

    Welcome back to the blog. Knew it would draw you back!


  2. Love it! The creamed corn, chicken spaghetti and fried chicken are must! The corn is cut fresh off the cob. The pecan pie and sweet potato pie are delicious as well!