Monday, October 7, 2013

Big Rub BBQ

Food: 4 Sporks (out of 5)
Service: 3.5 Sporks
Atmosphere: 4 Sporks
Price: 2 Sporks
Worth Returning: Yes
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Sweet Tea: No

I am a BBQ snob! I have traveled all over in search of great BBQ and know what great BBQ looks and taste like. I am a BBQ purist who enjoys basic BBQ served on wax paper with NO SAUCE, maybe some slaw and of course white bread. That being said Big Rub BBQ is the antithesis of nearly all of the criteria just listed, but it works and it works very well and Bentonville should be proud to host such a great BBQ experience amongst the museums and fancy pants hotels in town.

Big rub bucks BBQ tradition with the “A street hero” a soft taco with your choice of smoked meats topped with cheese, avocado, and crushed Doritos? Blasphemy I say! Cheese and Doritos on brisket? I order one every time to go…. along with the requisite brisket sandwich or the stunningly delicious burnt end sandwich. The brisket at Big Rub can’t be missed, slow smoked and well-seasoned the meat falls apart with just enough fat from the point (the end of a packer brisket used for burnt ends, its fattier than the flat end which normally used to make corned beef) but works well on a sandwich when mixed with the flat. The burnt ends (I would like to say that brunt ends were introduced by Big Rub upon my urging) are killer on a sandwich or in the Sobroso taco. The ends are cubed after smoking and doused a second time in seasonings then smoked again to a perfectly candied square of beef goodness.

You need to try Big Rub but understand we are talking street food here served from a trailer located across from 21C in downtown Bentonville. There are picnic tables available and if you add a crepe from Crepe Paulette you can take advantage of their seating options as well. Hours vary be season and weather conditions but you can follow them on twitter @bigrubbbq and Facebook for more up to date news. Don’t be a BBQ snob, head to downtown Bentonville and get your BBQ fix.
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