Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Angus Jack

2638 West Sunset  
Springdale, AR 72762
(479) 717-2940

Food: 3.5 Sporks (out of 5)
Service: 4 Sporks
Atmosphere: 2.5 Sporks
Price: 3 Sporks
Worth Returning: Yes
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Drive-O-Meter: 30 minutes (How long am I willing to drive)

There is a burger revolution sweeping the states with an explosion of burger chains like 5 Guys, Smash Burger, and many other high end burger spots opened by celebrity chefs across the country. While we wait for the first celebrity chef to hang a shingle in NWA we can still enjoy several new local burger eateries including Angus Jack in Springdale. I know you don’t think of Springdale as a burger mecca but this may be worth a visit if you’re within a 30 minute drive. 

Angus Jack opened on West Sunset in the spot previously occupied by Rocking Chick’n and the layout has not really changed inside but the food certainly has. The menu includes several specialty burgers including a black bean vegan burger, a turkey burger, and Gluten free buns as an option on any burger. The core menu is similar to most other new chains with a build your own design and includes the basic single pattied Snack Jack or the Double pattied Original Jack. Select from a list of free toppings or go for the .99 upgrade and add Bacon, Onion Strings, and Grilled Shrooms along with other options. A combo meal with burger fries and drink will set you back $10 which seems expensive until you look at the other options around town (I just spent $8 at Back Yard Burger for a frozen patty and crappy fries!) The fries are hand cut and you have a choice between original or Sweet Potato. They are both delicious but I would opt for the basic spud on my next visit. The burger patty is a Black Angus hand pattied burger cooked on a flat top griddle. The beef here is top notch with a nice char from the griddle. Now you can go crazy with toppings but I prefer the basics and they have a burger worthy of my top 5 in NWA. The one challenge I have with Angus Jack is their bun as it tends to disintegrate quickly under all that meaty and cheesy goodness (the owner assures me that they have been looking for a better bun).   

If you are having reservations on making the trip check them out on Wednesday when burgers are Half Priced. Mondays Kids eat free with an adult combo purchase. I will keep Angus Jack on my short list when that burger crave hits me again!
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